Popular Bitcoin (BTC) Educator Andreas Antonopoulos Exposes Conferences for Fake Speaking Gigs

In recent times, a lot of instability has rocked the cryptocurrency market, causing the prices and rates of investments to oscillate.

While many supporters and advocates are constantly trying to speak favorably and work so potential investors are not deterred, it would seem like some others may have other goals.

A known Bitcoin (BTC) supporter, Andreas Antonopoulos, who is the author of Mastering Bitcoin, has revealed that certain cryptocurrency conferences are in the habit of disseminating false news about events and the speakers invited to speak. One of such is Ed Reich’s Ledger & Tokens Investor Summit.

The Falsehoods

A tweet from Antonopoulos reads:

“A scam-conference by @edevanrich is sending out an email (https://gist.github.com/aantonop/8d45fc275139e488337a3e5113b0686e …) with a list of “confirmed speakers”. I’m not “confirmed”. How many others are lies?”

Antonopoulos also posted a GitHub thread regarding the invite for the summit and its content. However, discussions later showed that most of the names on the list of speakers were uninformed about it.

Some names include Olga Feldmeier, Sir John Hargrave and even Andreas Antonopoulos himself. A popular crypto influencer, someone whose name was on the list also responded saying:

“I don’t think so! I’d know if I was sharing a stage with you!”

This confirmed Antonopoulos’ initial post as he replied by posting “Third lie by @edevanrich. Keep them coming…”

Public Reaction

Most people were unhappy with the lies and some even went ahead to suggest to Andreas, to go ahead and obtain a Cease and Desist order. Andreas, however, replied saying:

“No need. Name and shame works better than cease and desist. People who abuse my reputation get to deal with the backlash.”

Other News

A little while ago, Andreas was in the news for explaining his belief that Bitcoin can achieve Store of Value over a reasonably lengthy period of time. In addition, he explained that money has three essential functions which include Medium of Exchange (MoE), Store of Value (SoV) and Unit of Account (UoA).

“(So far, Bitcoin is) able to achieve store of value over long periods of time, with a few asterisks. (Bitcoin is) not very good at doing medium of exchange. The velocity of transactions is not good enough yet. The blockchains [with faster confirmation times] sacrifice decentralization in order to do that. As a result, that is not a sacrifice worth doing. So, we’re not ready” says Antonopoulos.

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